Simone Biles Takes March Break In Belize

By Editorial Staff

Last updated on November 29th, 2022 at 04:37 am

Where is everyone right now? Probably not in Belize soaking up some sun with a handsome NFL player. Because if you were, you’d be Olympic Gymnast Star Simone Biles.

Simone Biles is having the dreamiest getaway in Belize with her boyfriend Jonathan Owens, leading up to her 24th birthday. The 23-year-old Olympic gymnast has been updating her Instagram feed with stunning vacation posts, which most recently showed Simone on the beach in a bright blue bikini and a denim bucket hat from Chanel. The next photo in the slide showed the gold medalist holding a tropical drink against an ocean backdrop, and so she appropriately captioned the March 7 post, “refill plsssss.”

The Olympic gymnast and her boyfriend, Houston Texans safety Jonathan Owens are currently on vacation together on the tropical island off the coast of Central America. It’s likely also a birthday trip for Biles, who turns 24 on March 14.

Owens and Taylor are believed to have been dating since at least his birthday last July when they showed up on social media celebrating together. Biles’ ex, gymnast Stacey Ervin was a fixture on her social media account as she was on his for a few years, but the two broke up not long before Biles and Owens got together.

Biles, a Texas native, is on a training break after the pandemic delayed her chances to defend her Olympic individual all-around championship.

The rescheduled 2021 Olympic Games are set to begin in Tokyo on 23 July through 8 August. It was announced yesterday that overseas spectators will likely not be permitted to attend, but Biles is expected to be there to defend her Olympic golds.

She will be the focus of a Facebook Watch documentary series this summer Simone vs. Herself that will detail her attempt to return to Olympic glory.