Number of Flora and Fauna Species Found in Belize

By Editorial Staff

Last updated on January 25th, 2023 at 03:27 pm

macaw parrot
Macaw Parrot

The number of Belize endemics is small. As a very small country it does not have many habitats that are unique to the area given its location next to Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Most native species are found in the Maya Mountains and in the Lowland Savannahs.

Birds                                       575-625
Amphibians                            36-37
Reptiles                                   106-110
Snakes                                     59-60
Turtles                                     13
Mammals                                145-152
Butterflies                               1,000
Moths                                     900-1,000
Fish (Salt & Freshwater)        630-640
Sharks                                     22
Vascular Plants                       3,750-4,000
Native Trees                           700

(Estimates vary depending on the source and date 1)

1 Perhaps the best overall source on local biodiversity is the report Compilation of Information on Biodiversity in Belize by Jan C. Meerman, 2005.