Driving To Toledo

By Editorial Staff

Last updated on November 29th, 2022 at 04:40 am

Belize culture at Lubaantun
Driving to Toledo is challenging what with the deteriorating Hummingbird “Highway”. But for select events such as this magnificent cultural presentation by a Mexican dance company at a real Maya Temple is well worth it.

Dances with Mayas at Lubaantun could be a new event on its own rather than  part of the annual Toledo Cacao Fest that runs during the month of May. The festival, food fair and Maya Dance re-enactments are that good. When it’s not raining that is.

Driving from the City of Belmopan the traveler can leave at 8:30 and be at Big Falls by 11. Add on one hour if you are driving from Belize City or San Ignacio-Santa Elena. It is a long journey made a little easier in 2o16 with the beautiful Hummingbird Highway recently renovated. New bridges are being put in to replace the colonial-era one-lane bridges.

Lubaantun -How To Get There

Getting to the Maya ruin at Lubaantun can be tricky for the first time visitor. At Big Falls which is the large village  just before reaching Punta Gorda you will see a big sign This Way To Lubaantun. Ignore it. This is the long and rough way in. Seven miles through rutted and hilly roads that will shake out your fillings or worse. This road takes you through the villages of Silver Creek and San Miguel – real quaint Maya villages. So if you have time to take it slow and meander through these villages this may be to your liking. Caveat – rains. The Belize rainy season historically runs from June to November which is also the official hurricane season. But changing weather patterns often bring rains as early as May. And Toledo is the area of of the country with the highest annual rainfall.

Most travelers will prefer going to the cut-off or intersection at Big Falls marked by the Shell gas station which is on your right if you are heading south towards Punta Gorda. Take the right and head for San Pedro Colombia – a mere two miles over nice paved highway – this leg of the Southern Highway is known by locals as the road to Jalacte. Then two more miles over a reasonably well maintained dirt road into the village itself. Take your time or you will zip right past the cut-off leading to the village. San Pedro Colombia has a couple convenience shops, comedores and friendly Maya folks who will point out the way to Lubaantun in case the signs have fallen down.