Platinum Jubilee Royal Tour Belize

By Editorial Staff

Last updated on November 29th, 2022 at 04:36 am

Prince William and Kate in Belize
Prince William, Kate, Belize Governor General Froyla Tzalam and Foreign Minister Eamon Courtenay

The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge arrived in Belize kicking off the first leg of their Caribbean tour. The travel to Belize, Jamaica, and Bahamas is part of the celebratory activities that make up the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Sunday the royal couple go to southern Belize for a Garifuna cultural celebration in Hopkins.

Honour guard Belize Defence Force Royal Tour 2022
Prince William and Kate guard of honour Belize Defence Force.

Kate wore a blue outfit by designer Jenny Packham and William opted for a light-blue coloured suit as they arrived at Belize City Airport in an RAF Voyager jet.

They received a 21-gun salute with three miniature cannons on small, white tables fired by Belize Defence Force soldiers. The Duke then inspected a guard of honour. They were welcomed at Belize’s International Airport at Ladyville near Belize city with the Belize Defence Force band’s rendition of both the Belizean and UK anthems. Via motorcade, they went directly to the Laing Building just outside Belize City where they met with with Prime Minister John Briceno and his wife Rossana Briceno. On meeting the royal couple Mr. Briceno said “We’re so happy that you’re here.”

Prince William and Kate meet Belize Prime Minister and wife
Prince William and Kate meet Prime Minister Johnny Briceño and wife.

William and Kate were greeted on the tarmac by Governor-General Froyla Tzalam and Foreign Minister Eamon Courtenay and later met Belizean Prime Minister Johnny Briceno.

After a long plane 🛩 journey from the UK🇬🇧 to Belize🇧🇿, Day two of the Royal Visit kicks off in the south where TRH The Duke and the Duchess will experience more of Belize’s beautiful culture and cuisine. It’s Belize Chocolate🍫 time!

Prince William and Kate cacao and chocolate organic farm Belize
Prince William and Kate visit Maya Centre Cacao and Chocolate organic farm.

A lovely visit from TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Che`il Mayan Chocolate. The Duke and Duchess had a wonderful time meeting with the Maya Center villagers and tasted the delicious😋 chocolate🍫. The Saqui family started their business about ten years ago.The history of the cacao in the Maya culture dates back thousands of years. The cacao beans or seeds were used for trading, in drinks, food and rituals. The cacao seeds still play a central role in the lives of many Maya families in Belize who use cacao to support their livelihoods; strengthen their communities and preserve and share their cultural practices. Maya Center chocolatier Julio Saqui and his wife are the owners of Che’il Mayan Products. The couple ate seeds from the cacao fruit, and ground cacao on the mayan grinding stone. And as they left the Saqui’s, TRH surprised a crowd of onlookers by walking right up to them for a quick chat.

Prince William and Kate at Hopkins Belize.
Prince William and Kate at Hopkins.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a lively welcome and Garifuna culture in Hopkins🟡⚫️⚪️ The Food and Dancing was spectacular! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Hopkins Village for an exciting cultural experience. They were greeted by school students and residents before being treated to hudut, sahou and the rhythm of the drums by the Garifuna community in that beautiful seaside village.

On Monday 21 March 2022 TRH The Duke and Duchess will be in for a bit of adventure in Western Belize! Their first stop will be the stunning Caracol Archaelogical Site supported by Institute of Archaeology (NICH) Belize and then on to see some jungle training with British Army Training Support Unit Belize and the Belize Defence Force. They will also meet the NGOs, Friends for Conservation and Development – FCD Belize and Panthera-Belize to hear about the important environmental work they do.

TRH visit Caracol
TRH visit the Caracol Maya site in western Belize.

During a visit to Caracol, one of the tallest Maya Archaelogical Site in Belize, Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge admire the amazing view from Caana (sky place) and explored the natural and cultural treasures