Moving To Belize

By Editorial Team

Last updated on February 18th, 2023 at 04:27 pm

sailing club Corozal pier
Sailing club at Corozal Bay.

Foreign residents in Belize are split on how much to bring to Belize. Some see savings in bringing everything you may need to Belize, especially if you have a duty exemption on household goods as an approved permanent resident or as a participant in the Qualified Retired Persons program. Many who have moved to Belize say it’s best to bring as little as possible with you. After all, you won’t need a lot of clothes. You can buy furniture cheaply in Belize, and you can find appliances and other household goods either in Belize City or in Chetumal, Mexico. Amazon and other companies will ship books and other items to Belize, though international shipping charges may be high. Store most of your household goods in a storage facility back home. Then, after you’ve been in Belize for a while, on a trip back home, you can get items you decide you really need.

Items you probably will want to bring to Belize if you are setting up housekeeping, as these are hard to find or expensive in Belize, or will be expensive to ship later: good-quality curtains, drapes, sheets and towels, high-quality mattresses, good dishes, high-quality pots and pans, silverware and other kitchenware. Hobby equipment, specialized hand and power tools, fishing and diving gear, smart cellphones, tablets, computers WIFI routers, cameras and other high-end electronics.

Shipping Options: You can ship bulky items by sea or overland. Small items can be shipped via the postal system or an air freight service. You can drive your vehicle down through Mexico or ship it by sea.

Moving To Belize With Pets

Pets, Dogs and cats enter Belize without quarantine. Bringing a pet into the country falls under live animal importation regulated by the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA). Dogs and cats can enter the country provided that owners have a valid import permit (a fee of fifty ($50.00 BZE dollars applies for the application process), international veterinary certificate, valid rabies vaccination certificate and inspection by quarantine officer at the port of entry. Owners must get a certificate from a veterinarian at the owner’s home country. The vet examination must take place within 14 days before arrival in Belize, and the certificate must state that the animal is in good health, is free from infectious diseases and vaccinated for rabies not less than one month and only one year prior to departure for Belize.

Kittens and puppies under three months of age that can’t be vaccinated for rabies can be brought in but must be confined at the owner’s home in Belize until they are three months old, at which time they must be vaccinated and then confined at home an additional 30 days. For other pets, such as ferrets or birds, check with BAHA for the current regulations. To apply for an import permit, request application form from: Permit Unit Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) Agricultural Showgrounds Belmopan City, Belize Tel. 501-822-0197, Email or