How To Get Married In Belize

wedding in belize
Traditional wedding in Belize.

In the jungle, on the beach or on ancient Mayan Pyramid, Belize has become a popular wedding destination for those looking for an exotic Caribbean style location. Imagine rainforest, scenic rivers and waterfalls, beautiful gardens or a coconut island beach with the crystal blue Caribbean as a backdrop, Belize has it.

Getting married in Belize is easier than ever. The procedure is that a couple must be in the country for a minimum of three days before they can apply for a minister’s license to marry. This application is submitted to the Register General after the 3 day resident period. For for those living in Belize you can just go to the register together and fill out the application. For those near Belize city: Couples getting married must reside in Belize for at least three days prior to their license application being processed. Applications must be made with the Registrar General’s Office in Belize City. The Vital Statistics Office’s phone number is (011) 501-223-5625.

The application process is 1 day and requires proof of citizenship, passport or birth certificate, if applicable, (proof of divorce or widowhood), and a Senior Justice of the peace to witness the signing of the application. After the one day application processing period you pick-up the license to marry. Weddings must be performed by either a Senior Justice of the peace who has authority to marry people, a boat captain, or a Minister of a registered church. There must also be two witnesses, a male and a female.

The cost of the license is U.S. $100.00 per couple, plus an administrative fee of U.S. $5.00. Licenses can be obtained within two days. A blood test is not required. Consent from a parent is not required, if both partners are over 18 years of age. The marriage must be registered with the Registry Department after the marriage ceremony has been completed. Click Here To Download Belize Marriage License Application.

Why go on vacation and get married? This concept is not new, it’s been happening in Las Vegas for years, and the economics of getting married at a vacation destination make sense for those looking for the small to medium wedding.

Destination weddings are popular and Belize is fast becoming a sought-after venue. Most couples getting married in Belize are from the USA and Canada so it is an easy flight, and Belize is an English speaking country. For a different wedding travellers may want to try an extreme or adventurous wedding in Belize. Options include tying the knot at a jungle resort in the rainforest or mountains, a Maya temple or even in the Caribbean sea surrounded by coral reefs and aquatic flora and fauna, while the bride, groom, witnesses, and marriage officer breathe through scuba gear. There are many beautiful natural wedding sites around the country, and choices range from pristine beaches to lush tropical rainforests to candle-lit caves. Any hotel can connect you with a local wedding planner to arrange everything, or coordinate with your personal wedding planner as you prepare for your trip to Belize.

Several resorts have “Getting Married Packages,” where they provide discounts and assist with the paper work. It’s hard to beat Belize for an exotic vacation destination. And all services required such as photographer, wedding cake baker, florist, wedding coordinator, stylist, are available locally.