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Belize Map
Belize Map 1134 x 1341 size – click on image for full size.

Running some 239 miles (386 km) of gorgeous Caribbean coast, Belize has more in common with the sunny Caribbean than with its neighboring Latin republics. It is best known as world-class tourism destination, but the country also offers offshore banking, retirement living and a wide portfolio of of as yet untapped investment opportunities. This is the exotic nature of the country at its best. Its laid back lifestyle makes it paradise-like according to one writer. One of the first things prospective visitors ask is, Where is Belize? And the first thing they want to see when planning a trip here of course is a map. So enjoy and download our maps.

Map of Belize city.

Belize City Street Map courtesy Belize Historical Society Group.

Belize Tourism Map

Belize country activities map
Belize Country Map With Activities and Points of Interest – click on image for full size.

Map from the 18th century showing Belize in relation to neighboring Guatemala in the west, and the Yucatan in Mexico to the north.

Belize map from the 18th century
Belize 18th century map.

Belize Map from the 19th century.

Belize map from the 19th century now referring to the area as British Honduras.

Belize Hydrology and Watershed Regions Map.