Belize Government Directory

New Administration Building City of Belmopan office of the Belize Cabinet

The following is a directory of Belize Government Members of the Cabinet, their portfolios, and ministry contact information, including mailing address, telephone, fax, email and websites where available. Information updated 8 January 2023. The list below immediately supersedes the names of ministers of the former government at end. But the contact information remains the same. Minor Cabinet reshuffle 6 January 2023 saw Ramon Cervantes Jr. lose powerful post at Foreign Affairs and Immigration and bumped to minor Ministry of Sustainable Development.

The Office of the Prime Minister Announces Cabinet Appointments

Belmopan. November 13, 2020. 6:00 p.m. The Prime Minister Hon. John Briceño will advise his Excellency the Governor General Sir Colville Young to make the following appointments of Ministers of Government pursuant to section 40 of the Constitution, and the following Ministers of State pursuant to section 45 of the Constitution. The Prime Minister will also advise the Governor General to appoint the Attorney General pursuant to section 40 (2) of the Constitution.

 Minister & PortfolioMinister of State
1John Briceño Prime Minister, Finance, Economic Development & InvestmentMike Espat Christopher Coye  
2Cordel Hyde Deputy Prime Minister, Natural Resources, Petroleum & MiningRamiro Ramirez
3Abelardo Mai Agriculture, Food Security, & Enterprise 
4Rodwell Ferguson Transport, Youth and Sports 
5Julius Espat Infrastructure Development & Housing 
6Francis Fonseca Education, Culture, Science & Technology, E-GovernanceLouis Zabaneh
7Florencio Marin National Defence & Border SecurityOscar Mira
8Oscar Requeña Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labour & Local Government 
9Dolores Balderamos Garcia Human Development, Families & Indigenous Peoples’ AffairsGilroy Usher
10Kareem Musa Home Affairs & New Growth Industries 
11Orlando Habet Sustainable Development, Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management Ramon Cervantes
12Kevin Bernard Health and Wellness 
13Michel Chebat Public Utilities 
14Anthony Mahler Tourism & Diaspora Relations 
15Andre Perez The Blue Economy & Civil Aviation 
16Henry Charles Usher Public Service, Constitutional & Political Reform, Religion 
17Eamon Courtenay Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade & Immigration
18Magali Marin Young SC Attorney General 
Updated January 2023 after Cabinet reshuffle

Ambassador Stuart Leslie will serve as Cabinet Secretary and Chief of Staff. (ENDS)

Ministry of National Defence & Border Security. Chief Executive Officer- Brigadier General (Ret’d) Dario Tapia, General Office: Curl Thompson Building Belmopan Tel: +(501)-822-2817 Minister of State E-mail: General Office Curl Thompson Building Belmopan Tel: +(501)-822-2231 / 2817 Fax: +(501)-822-2195 E-mail: Website:

Attorney General’s Ministry Magali Marin Young Tel: +(501)-822-2154 Fax: +(501)-822-3390 E-mail: Website:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade  Chief Executive Officer – Amalia Mai; General Office: (501) 880-2322 / 880-2167 MFAFT Building North Ring Road Fax: (501) 822-3390 Website:  822-3789 Fax: (501) 822-2854 E-mail:

Ministry of Finance and Office of the Prime Minister Chief Executive Officer: Narda Garcia. Cabinet Secretary – Stuart Leslie 2nd Floor Sir Edney Cain Building Telephone: 501-822-2345 Fax: 501-822-0898 Website: Financial Secretary – Mr. Joseph Waight Telephone: 501-822-2344 Fax: 501-822-2886

Ministry Health & Wellness Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Julius Sabido. Dr. Marvin L. Manzanero. Director of Health Services: Minister’s Office: Tel: 501-822-0589 General Office: 2nd Floor East Block Building Belmopan: Tel: (501) 822-2497/822-2068/822-2059 Fax: (501) 822-2942/822-2055 Email: or senior Website:

Ministry Infrastructure Development and Housing. Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Victor Espat 1st Sir Edney Cain Building General Office: Belmopan: Tel: 501-822 1039/822-0146 Fax: 501-822-3337 Email: Administrative Officer: Tel: 501-822-2425 Finance Officer: Tel: 501-822-2424

Ministry of Human Development, Families & Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs. Chief Executive Officer – Tanya Santos-Neal Tel: 501-822-2246 Minister’s Office: Belmopan- Tel: 501-822-2248 Email: General Office: Belmopan: Ground Floor West Block Building Tel: 501-822- 2161/822-2684 Fax: 501-822-3175 Finance Officer: Tel: 501-822-2637

Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security & Enterprise Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Servulo Baeza General Office:2nd Floor West Block Building, Tel: +(501)-822-2241 / 822-2242 / 822-2243, Fax: +(501)-822-2409 E-mail: Website:

Ministry of Tourism & Diaspora Relations Chief Executive Officer – Nicole Usher Solano Ministry of Tourism: General Office: Tel: (501) 227-2801/822-2802 Fax: (501) 227-2810 Departments Tel: 501- 227-2420 Fax: 501- 227-2423 Website: // Belize Tourism Industry Association: Tel: 501-227-1144 Fax: 501-227-8710 Email: Website:

Ministry of Education, Culture, Science & Technology Chief Executive Officer – Dian Castillo Maheia Tel: +(501)-822-2329  Fax: +(501)-822-3389 2nd Floor West Block Building, Belmopan E-mail:

Ministry of Home Affairs & New Growth Industries Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Kevin L. Arthurs CEO’s E-mail: Minister’s E-mail:, Papi’s Building, 1902 First Floor, Constitution Drive, City of Belmopan Tel: +(501)-822-2218 / 2231 / 2817 / 2674 E-mail:

Ministry of Natural Resources, Petroleum & Mining – Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lesbia Guerra Queen Elizabeth Blvd. Belmopan, Tel: +(501)-822-2630 E-mail: Website: Minister’s Office: Tel: +(501)-822-3286 E-mail:

Ministry of the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation CEO Kennedy Carillo 1688 Seashore Drive Belize city Tel: +(501)-223-5937 / 2768 E-mail: Departments: Department of Civil Aviation Philip Goldson International Airport, Ladyville, Belize City Tel: +(501)-225-2014 Fax: +(501)-225-2533 Fisheries Department Coastal Zone Multi-Complex Building Princess Margaret Drive Tel: +(501)-224-4552 E-mail: Website:

Ministry of Sustainable Development, Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management, CEO Dr. Kenrick Williams, Former Natural Resources Building 2nd Floor Market Square Belmopan Tel: +(501)-822-0160/822-0162 or 828-4877 or 828-5260 E-mail: